Mørk EP

by Heidi Mortenson

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Elizabeth Rothwell
Elizabeth Rothwell thumbnail
Elizabeth Rothwell I didn't understand a word of this album, yet I felt I understood it all. I was enthralled from the start, in the pythons coils trapped in the distance between each breath, memories and menaces demand your attention. It deserves to be far more popular. Favorite track: A1 Et Stykke Mindre.
Ola Nordal
Ola Nordal thumbnail
Ola Nordal Heard Dele af kroppen on the Wire Tapper 31, and just had to buy the album. Great song from a great artist. Favorite track: A2 Dele Af Kroppen.
Murchu thumbnail
Murchu Great. NO justification needed Favorite track: A2 Dele Af Kroppen.
Anton thumbnail
Anton This is a unique gem really. The leading track, Et Stykke Mindre is incredible, and has an amazing video you should definitely look up. I'm torn between that and the last track, the minimal piano piece Lyset Eksisterer Ednu, as my favourite. This is a must-get album. Favorite track: A1 Et Stykke Mindre.
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"Characterized by it's mature essence and pensive vocals in which Heidi reconnects with her native language, Mørk is a powerful combination of ferociousness and utmost delicacy." (AiAiAi)

"On this EP Heidi Mortenson is unfolding as Denmark's uncrowned queen of gloomy electro. In a handfull of extraordinary strong tracks she is showing new sides of her talent. [...] Mortenson's dark compositions certainly have international potential. (5/6)" Soundvenue

"The new five tracks are, straight up, utterly fantastic, they are brushing all the pseudo-hip sad musicians on piano or guitar off the earth's surface. They are revolting the old honoured chanson, scratching haggard beards wearing black, dealing with the sounds like with a newborn baby, starting up, slowing gently down, they are empty, full, likely at the same time, contemplating, potentially hectic, throwing the technique at the feet and always rapelling up high again." De:Bug

"A few years ago, Heidi Mortenson featured in Laurie Anderson's remix project, and exactly this American avant-gardist is a good benchmark for Mortenson's new songs. Just like Anderson, Mortenson can evoke a dark mood that doesn’t bode well. But where Anderson's small song-lectures are often aimed at society, Mortenson moves along inland lines where something is broken and can not be repaired." Politiken

"Mortenson's vocals retain this strange, surreal sensibility, that lies attenuated under a layer of subtly melodic reverberation. Electronically charged phrases whisper and whirr below stunning horns, their every breath billowing with icy persuasion into this cold January morning." Music Dissection


released March 5, 2012

Written, Produced & Mixed by Heidi Mortenson
Mastered by Lupo at D&M, Berlin
RUMP Recordings
Cover photo by Bora Tarhan



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